Social marketing planning

The social marketing planning process is a central component of the B324 Marketing and society module.

There is a diagram on page 26 of the B324 Block 1 course book.

Situation Analysis

  • Internal & external appraisal using PEST

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Who? – Expectations, objectives, interests
  • Power/Interest matrix

Competitive Analysis

  • See Chapter 7 of Hastings & Domegan, 2014.

Harm Chain Analysis

  • See Figure 4.3 in Hastings & Domegan, 2014.

Segmentation & Targeting

  • Demographics, geographics, lifestyle, etc.


  • In terms of behavioural change
  • SMART – may be long-term

Marketing Mix

  • Social marketing ‘Product’ (i.e. core benefit, see Section 2.4 of Block 1)
  • Price, Place, Promotion


Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Impact evaluation (intended/unintended)
  • Summative evaluation (lessons learnt)
  • On-going process evaluation using market research

B324 – Marketing with a twist!

It’s been almost a year since I last updated. I’m really sorry to say this is becoming a familiar chant now on this blog. Once again, I do have reasons, the main one being that I have been trying to start a brand new business to make the most of what I have learnt on my OU studies so far. That’s been taking up a lot of my spare time.

Simultaneously, I’ve been doing the next course – B324, hence the title of this post – as well as running my existing small consulting business. To say things are a bit hectic is an understatement.

So … B324. When I signed up for the course I didn’t really have much of an idea what was going to be involved. I knew it was a Level 3 course, so I suspected it wouldn’t be easy. However, I didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be for me to get my head round!

The full title for B324 is B324 Marketing and society. I’m now into my final weeks of the course, and am looking to start revising for the exam in a few days, but looking back I am pleased to see how much has been covered:

  • Block 1: Social marketing
  • Block 2: Ethics and marketing
  • Block 3: Responsible business marketing

The social marketing and ethics and marketing blocks were quite difficult to get my head round as I’ve never encountered them before. I enjoyed the course material, but my brain really did have to think differently at times. Social marketing is somewhat different to the commercial marketing I’m used to.

The responsible business marketing block looked at sustainability, green marketing, and Fair Trade. I really enjoyed this block, and would actually consider working in the field.

I’m planning on using this blog to store my exam revision notes for B324. That should make a nice little sum-up of the course content for anyone else who’s interested in taking it – as well as providing a little exam guidance too.