Sustainability and green marketing

… is about:

  • Ensuring actions do not impact on the biosphere or threaten its long-term viability.
  • Balancing economic, environmental and social goals and consequences.

The diagram on page 21 of the B324 Block 3 course book is a good reminder of the main goals of sustainability, according to Schaltegger, et al., 2003.

Sustainable marketing is arguably an oxymoron because marketing is traditionally about driving consumption.

Some factors driving growth of green marketing:

  • Firms seeing it as an opportunity to differentiate.
  • Firms recognising their obligations to be more environmentally responsible.
  • Government bodies forcing firms to be more so.
  • Competitors adding pressure by being more green.
  • The increased high cost of waste disposal.

A key concept to remember is that of holism in green marketing.

Another interesting concept to remember is the dominant social paradigm and some of its key dimensions:

  • Economic dimension
  • Technological dimension
  • Political dimension

Some challenges for green marketing to be effective:

  • Must be led from the top.
  • Must be integrated.
  • Must be marketing led.
  • Must be backed by actions.

Firms must try to avoid “hitting the green wall”.

We are still very much stuck in the second age of green marketing!

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