Social marketing planning

The social marketing planning process is a central component of the B324 Marketing and society module.

There is a diagram on page 26 of the B324 Block 1 course book.

Situation Analysis

  • Internal & external appraisal using PEST

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Who? – Expectations, objectives, interests
  • Power/Interest matrix

Competitive Analysis

  • See Chapter 7 of Hastings & Domegan, 2014.

Harm Chain Analysis

  • See Figure 4.3 in Hastings & Domegan, 2014.

Segmentation & Targeting

  • Demographics, geographics, lifestyle, etc.


  • In terms of behavioural change
  • SMART – may be long-term

Marketing Mix

  • Social marketing ‘Product’ (i.e. core benefit, see Section 2.4 of Block 1)
  • Price, Place, Promotion


Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Impact evaluation (intended/unintended)
  • Summative evaluation (lessons learnt)
  • On-going process evaluation using market research

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