It’s been a long time – and B322

I haven’t updated this blog in almost a year. I’m surprised how quickly the time has passed.

The reason is, I’ve been busy completing B322 (Investigating Entrepreneurial Opportunities), which was my most recent course with the Open University.

It was a great course, and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. The tutor was great too. However, this was kind of an all-consuming experience for me, as I suspected it might be. I’ve always been interested in business and entrepreneurship, so while it was logically a good choice of course for me, I feared it would end up taking over every waking minute of my life for a while.

I finished B322 back in April when I submitted my EMA, and have been taking a well-earned breather for a few months. I recently received confirmation that I passed the course, and that reminding me I need to pick my next course and think about registering.

It also reminded me I need to update this blog and try to keep it going!

So why didn’t B322 feature here?

The main reason B322 was due to the central premise being about investigating a real business opportunity. While my own idea wasn’t particularly innovative, I was always a little nervous about publishing too many details about it – even on the Tutor Group Forum.

I do regret not writing about some things though. I loved learning about cluster theory, and network effects, and I may decide to come back and write about them retrospectively one day.

Anyway, onwards we go. I think I’ve chosen my next course, but I don’t have to register until September so I’m taking a little more time off!

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