B325 workload

It’s not often that I have negative things to say about an OU course, but I suppose it was bound to happen soon, as I progress with my studies.

Now that I’m nearing the end of B325, I can look back and recognise that I’ve really enjoyed most of the course, but for the last couple of months, the workload has been incredibly gruelling, at times involving some 20+ hours per week in order for me to complete all the readings, module activities and TMAs.

I personally believe this course should be extended into a longer one, instead of trying to cram everything into just five months. There really isn’t time to fully investigate the theories and take everything in over such a short period.

At the beginning of the course, I started a Facebook group to discuss the course with other students outside of the official OU Tutor Group and Student Cafe forums. Many in the Facebook group have said the same thing: that the workload is far too heavy. The fact that lots of students dropped out of my tutor group half way through is also an interesting point to note.

If you are considering taking this course, make sure you know exactly what you are getting into, and ensure you have enough time to dedicate to it. It’s a very good course, but it is tough.

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