Professional Certificate in Management vs. other OU courses

I feel the need to say a few words about my transition from the Professional Certificate in Management (which comprised of B628, B629 and B690, my first ever OU modules) to other courses.

The most striking difference is the degree of structure and organisation. B628 and B629 were highly structured courses, with clear weekly instructions on exactly what you need read, what activities you need to complete. As such, they were very easy courses to follow, and I personally never felt lost or confused.

My current courses, B121 and B325 are totally different. Much less structured, less organised. There is still a weekly roadmap that covers course material and activities, but the course readers provided (such as Organisational Collaboration and Managing to Collaborate from B325), are very much stand-alone texts that are provided for background material and additional reading where required.

It strikes me that what to read and the depth of study beyond the basic course material is very much left to the student’s discretion.

I need to get to grips with this new way of studying!

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