How to improve psychological climate

Improving the psychological climate can have a beneficial effect on job satisfaction, work outcomes, stress, absenteeism, commitment, participation, sick leave, and creativity.

So what can a manager do?

  • Trust people to make and take work-related decisions.
  • Do not micro-manage.
  • Allow people to plan and prioritise their own work.
  • Let people decide how best to do their job.
  • Develop a willingness to work together.
  • Foster loyalty between team members.
  • Create a sense of unity.
  • Encourage commitment to goals and achieving them.
  • Build trust.
  • Offer support through meetings and non-work-focused discussion.
  • Give specific, consistent, and fair recognition where deserved.
  • Be fair and sensitive to others.
  • Support innovation and creativity.
  • Support new ideas.
  • Encourage debate and discussion of ideas.
  • Build cross-functional cooperation and support.

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