Managing poor or declining performance

There are essentially three main options:

Option 1: take no action if:

  • there are more important or urgent issues to deal with
  • the performance problem is not yet serious
  • corrective action would risk worsening the situation
  • it is not possible to establish reasons
  • the employee is likely to take note and self-correct.

Option 2: take corrective action by:

  • committing additional resources
  • insisting the work be improved or done again
  • getting directly involved to resolve difficulties
  • changing procedures or working practices
  • arranging additional training
  • reassigning work to a more experienced person

Option 3: revise the standards

  • They could be unrealistic if deadlines have changed, promised resources were not delivered, or other individuals failed to deliver dependencies.

Chapter 10 of the B628 course book also contains some useful information on how to design and conduct appraisals.

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