Recruiting and selecting staff

Although I don’t really get involved in the recruitment process as a recruiter, as an interim manager, I am regularly involved in the recruitment process as a candidate, so chapter 9 of the B628 course book was particularly eye-opening as a window into a side of recruitment I rarely see.

The concept of separate person specifications and job specifications was new to me, as were the ideas of person-job fit and person-organisation fit.

The chapter went into the whole process of job analysis and preparation of a job description, preparation of a person specification, marketing of a job vacancy (including writing the advertisement), shortlisting applicants, selecting applicants (including various low-cost and higher-cost selection methods), designing and conducting a selection interview, ethics in recruitment and selection, and induction and socialisation.

Some very useful information in this chapter – including a redux of effective questioning techniques (covered in chapter 2).

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