Reviewing and evaluating team performance

Adair’s model of team work (1983) is a useful framework for reviewing and evaluating team performance due to the way it highlights the interdependencies between the individual, the team, and the task in hand.

The task:

  • Are there enough resources and internal and external support?
  • Is the task fully understood? Has it been broken down into its component parts?

The team:

  • Are there the right constituent parts to achieve the task?
  • Has the group formed well?
  • Are team members communicating well and reviewing their progress regularly?

The individual:

  • Are individuals learning from the experience?
  • How are they dealing with their expectations, hopes, and fears?
  • Are there issues from previous group work experiences?
  • Do they have enough support and development opportunities?
  • Are they aware of the consequences of individual actions?

Box 8.8 in chapter 8 of the B628 course book contains a useful team function questionnaire developed by West (2004), which individuals should complete independently  in order to identify and agree on common problem areas that need to be worked on.

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