Qualities of good information

There are essentially 10 qualities of good information:

  1. It must be relevant
  2. It must also be clear
  3. There must be sufficient accuracy
  4. The information must be complete
  5. The information must also be trustworthy
  6. It must be concise
  7. Information must be provided in a timely manner
  8. It must be communicated to the right person
  9. It must also be communicated via the right channel
  10. Information must be less costly than the value it provides

Improving information management in an organisation is a simple matter of addressing the activities involved in producing the information that impact the 10 criteria above.


  1. Gr8t i luv ur qualites of a good information,too me, it easy to comprehend, tanx keep it up!

  2. Ur qualities r quite simple bt I’ll appreciate it if u give a little explanation on each quality.

  3. Good information and thanks…Well by the way, is efficient and effective qualities of good information?

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