Key management skills and competencies

According to the Management Standards Centre, there are six broad categories of skills and competence:

  1. Managing self and personal skills
  2. Providing direction
  3. Facilitating change
  4. Working with people
  5. Using resources
  6. Achieving results

Oh, how simple that last one sounds – just two words, that’s all!

Robert L. Katz suggested a simpler scheme of management skills in the Harvard Business Review (1989):

  • Technical skills related to the profession or specialisation.
  • Human skills such as the ability to work cooperatively and effectively as a group or team member.
  • Conceptual skills such as the ability to see the enterprise as a whole, and recognise relationships and dependencies between the various parts.

Here’s another list of key management traits and behaviours, identified by Eugene Jennings (1952):

  • Give clear work instructions
  • Praise others when they deserve it
  • Be willing to take time to listen
  • Be cool and calm most of the time
  • Be confident and self-assured
  • Have appropriate technical knowledge of the work being supervised
  • Understand the group’s problems
  • Gain the group’s respect
  • Be fair to everyone
  • Demand good work from everyone
  • Gain people’s trust
  • Take a leadership role
  • Be humble, not stuck up
  • Be easy to talk to


  1. Joseph kiragu says:

    good and comprehensive points noted

    1. Brian Heys says:

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. Maslow says:


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