So what is management anyway?

When I first started work on B628 back in May 2011, I was already a practicing manager, albeit a new manager with only a few months experience.

My entry into the world of management pretty much tied up with what Carly experienced in the first example (The world of management) in Chapter 1.

I found I was constantly interrupted, always seemed to be reacting to events, could never spend enough time on tasks, spent most of my time on day-to-day matters, constantly had to argue about work responsibilities and resources, barely had time to think before making decisions, and spent all day every day talking to people, instead of actually doing anything!

So, one of the most important lessons I learnt about management was that my own experience mirrored that of other managers, and that it was very typical of what new managers experience.

This gave me the confidence to forge ahead, knowing that the seeming chaos around me was not at all atypical!

The seven stages of transition identified by Adams et al. (1976) are also particularly comforting! Thankfully, I think I’m now operating at stages 5-7.

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