B629 EMA Done

Last night I completed my EMA for B629, which means the course is now over. I just submitted it through the eTMA system, and now have the long wait to endure while it’s marked.

This is something of a milestone, because it means there is now no more coursework to be done in my quest to obtain the Professional Certificate in Management. There is only the exam left now, for which I have the next six weeks to revise and prepare.

Revision isn’t really the correct term, because it’s not like a history exam where you have to remember dates or names. Prior to the exam the exam case study is made available to us so we have plenty of time to work out the problem, and analyse it in terms of course concepts.

However, I am going to ‘revise’ because I think the Professional Certificate in Management contains some truly great material that has helped me enormously as a manager. I’ve probably forgotten lots of it – particular from B628 which seems a long time ago now – so now is my change to get freshened up on everything again.

I’m planning to use this blog to help me make notes for revision, and also help me recognise which of the key course concepts have been most useful to me over the last year.

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