B629 and B690 workload

Well, I’ve done TMA02, and am now just five weeks away from completing my studies for B629 (on schedule). Another week or two after that, I’ll have completed the EMA and finished the course. Sadly, this learning diary (still stuck at week four) is obviously hopelessly behind, due mainly to the workload and my own crazy professional work schedule.

I’m also progressing through B690 (easy so far), with the third case study beginning to float around my brain, and the day school and exam for the Professional Certificate in Management looming in March and April.

I am now certain there isn’t any point in me maintaining a learning diary to support my studies, so I’m not sure whether or not I will carry on with this blog. I’d like to, but I now recognise that for me personally, there is no benefit in keeping a diary of what I have learnt. It doesn’t add value.

However, one idea I have is to change this blog into a notebook of the most profound things I have learnt from my OU studies in management so far, and perhaps keep it running that way as I continue onto other courses. Such an approach would allow me to keep the blog running, keep things fresh in my brain (very useful for exam revision), and also give me a kind of creed by which I can live my life as a manager.

When the study weeks have completed for B629 and the weekly activities are all done, I think I’ll have a lot more time for a month or two, which will give me a good opportunity to try this idea out while I revise for the exam.


  1. Kevin says:

    By chance, read google surfing, I came upon your blog. I completed the cert about 7 years ago, and have really enjoyed reading your posts. Well done for having attemted this blog… not an easy undertaking in itself.

    Will you be going onto the MBA?

    I have just signed up for B716, starting in May 2012. I hope to keep a blog similar to what you have… a hybrid mix of theory, thoughts and critical thinking that will help to soak up and process the vast amount of work this course throws at me.

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Kevin, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading. Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with the diary, but the workload is pretty heavy if you want to get full marks for the activities, and also get a good mark for the TMAs.

    I’m not doing the MBA next because I couldn’t decide whether to do the straight MBA or the MBA in Technology Management. So instead, I’m going to work my way towards the BA (Honours) in Leadership and Management.

    Good luck with B716 – and the blog. I’d love to see it when you get going.

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