Welcome to B629 and B690

I’ve officially just started B629, which is the follow-on course after B628 – and another of the three components required to make up the Open University Business School’s Professional Certificate in Management.

In addition, I’ve also officially started B690, the companion course to B628 and B629 – and the final component of the three. I must admit though, that it doesn’t really feel as though I’ve started because there are no printed materials, and the course itself feels quite nebulous in terms of objectives and expectations! I’m hoping all will become clearer very soon.

Looking through the course materials for B629, I must admit to being ‘geekily excited’. The course covers one of my favourite subjects – marketing – so I’ve already jumped in and got a couple of weeks’ head start. Well, I couldn’t resist those books just sitting there on my desk like that.

Anyway, looking forward to getting well and truly stuck in for the next five months.


  1. nev says:

    Hi there , I’m on the road to completion of B628. I was thinking of taking B629 seperate to B690 but speakig to a fellow student today at a tutorial I’m mulling over tackling them together to finish completely by October, rather than wait until next Nov to take 690.
    Any of your thoughts experiences or tips would be appreciated. I wonder is it feasible in terms of workload etc.


    1. Brian says:

      I would take them together. The course tutors do actually say that B690 is meant to run alongside either B628 or B629.

      If you decide to do them together, don’t fret about the fact that you don’t seem to be doing anything for B690. It’s nothing like B628 or B629! There is no course material in the form of study books or planned weekly activities. I got really worried about this, thinking I must be falling behind, but that isn’t the case.

      B690 is a handful of case studies, followed by the residential school (or online option), followed by the exam. That’s it. No TMA or weekly activities to do, and nothing additional to learn.

      Hope this helps.


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