EMA in progress

Almost completed the EMA for B628. Thanks to the activities completed over the last two weeks spent on the final chapter (Managing Change), writing the EMA has been pretty easy. Just a few bits and pieces to put in (such as making recommendations SMART), and a couple of tables to put in the appendix, and it will be done.

I’ve really enjoyed doing the B628 course on the whole. There were a couple of weeks when I got a little frustrated by the pace of the reports I was putting together for the activities, but I do believe it has been a useful journey. It’s definitely opened my eyes to what’s involved in being an effective manager, and perhaps more interestingly … it’s opened my eyes to people who aren’t!

I would definitely recommend the course.


  1. oumaths says:

    This is a good blog. Thanks for the read.
    I’m planning to add B628 and B322 (in November) to 300 maths points to complete a BSc Open, so your thoughts have been very helpful.

  2. Brian says:

    I’m glad you’ve found it useful. It’s a shame I didn’t manage to continue with the diary on a weekly basis through weeks 8-16, but I was far too busy with other work. However, I’m now registered on B629/B690, so I have an opportunity to try again!

    I see you’ve been keeping a similar blog over at http://oumaths.wordpress.com/. Have you found it useful to document your learning?

    Good luck with the rest of your studies.

    1. oumaths says:

      Documenting my learning has been invaluable in helping me make an empathetic link between what I’m striving to become and what I’ve been during my journey.

      That’s been useful for looking back.

      Also useful has been the, somehow, tangible acknowledgment to myself of step-by-step progression as study has progressed.

      While I might choose to see completing a 60 point module as 1/6th of a degree, I instead view each page or unit of progress as a worthwhile measure in its own right.

      And, of course, documenting my learning has also recorded my sticking points for revision.

      Can you estimate the number of hours per week B628 took you on average? I’m looking at taking 120-150 points next year of business and mathematics modules, and am trying to get a rough feel for how many, if any, hours I’ll need to cut back on paid work. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    B628 took up approximately 5-10 hours a week of my time, depending on how many weekly activities there were, and how involved they were to complete. Some weeks maybe took up a little more – up to perhaps 15 hours a week, which was a lot.

    The activities aren’t compulsory though, so it depends on how many you do. I chose to do them all (except the ones I didn’t feel were relevant to me.)

  4. oumaths says:

    Many thanks, Brian. That fits well with my schedule – I can afford 30 hours of study per week, so this level of workload for 30 points fits nicely.
    Good luck with your next course – I’ll keep checking here regularly.

  5. Brian says:

    Thanks, and good luck with B628. I’ll keep an eye on your studies, too.

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