B628: The end is nigh

As the last learning diary entry I made in here for B628 was for week 8, and I’m now nearing completion of week 16, I think it’s pretty safe to declare this Learning Diary officially over as far as B628 is concerned.

The workload was too much – working full-time, commuting for up to three hours a day, studying the course, and managing a virtual team on a startup all take enough of my time.

I’m now registered for B629 and B690, so hopefully I will be able to continue with a Learning Diary in November when both courses kick off. I have some ideas on how I’ll do things differently, so we’ll see how it goes!

Obviously with just a few weeks to go, I’m not giving up on B628 the course (which I think is excellent), I’m only stopping the Learning Diary for it, which is non-compulsory.

Here’s looking forward to B629/B690!

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